Street Flag backpack

X-Banner, Feather, Quill, Edge

Street Flag backpack

X-Banner, Feather, Quill, Edge

The Street Flag backpack is an excellent way to communicate on the move. Ideal for event promotions, trade show appearances, or distributing information at outdoor or indoor action points. The lightweight backpack supports three different flag styles – Quill, Feather, and Edge – including the “teardrop” or “butterfly” and the “knife” types, as well as the X-Banner format. Prices include printing.

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Nylon backpack with coating
Reinforced buckles and mounting system
Adjustable backpack with padded areas
Side mesh pockets and zippered compartments
Pole storage area for when not in use
Supports four different flag formats
Backpack dimensions: 310 (w) x 540 (h) mm
Assembled dimensions (Feather/Quill): 310 (w) x 1268 (h) mm
Assembled dimensions (Edge): 480 (w) x 1185 (h) mm
Assembled dimensions (X-Banner): 650 (w) x 1280 (h) mm

Graphics template

The graphics template has all the information to help you prepare your design. If you have any questions about this template, please contact us.

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Questions about the product

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Should I choose the single-sided or double-sided printing option?

Most advertising flags we see at events and establishments are produced with single-sided printing. On these flags, the image on the reverse side appears as a mirror image. This is the most economical solution and works well in many situations. When we see the reverse side of a flag, we easily “understand” the message and hardly notice that it is reversed. You have certainly looked at the reverse side of advertising flags in various places—such as gas stations—and didn’t even notice that the message was mirrored. Double-sided printed advertising flags are recommended when we want to convey a message/brand that should always be read in its original orientation.