Standard Roller Banner

80cm, 85cm, 100cm, 120cm, 150cm and 200cm

Standard Roller Banner

80cm, 85cm, 100cm, 120cm, 150cm and 200cm

Easy-to-assemble and transport roller banner. Widths range from 80cm to 200cm with a 2 meter image height. Finished in anodised aluminium. A more robust structure compared to similar roller banners due to the thickness and quality of the aluminium. Includes a reinforced transport bag with double lining. A popular model due to its excellent price-quality ratio. Prices include printing.

from 97,00

Availability: 1 to 3 working days

Design option:

Qty. Price/unit Discount/unit
1-2 97.00€ 0%
3-4 94,09€ 3% - 2,91€
5-10 92,15€ 5% - 4,85€
11+ 90,21€ 7% - 6,79€

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Widths: 800, 850, 1000, 1200, 1500 and 2000 mm
Visible area: 800-2000 (w) x 2000 (h) mm
Size of the assembled frame: 810-2010 (w) x 2105 (h) x 285 (d) mm
Top rail with “click-clack” system
Double feet for increased stability
Printed on a 210-micron polypropylene base with an optional matte or gloss protective film and on PVC canvas in the 200cm model
Includes a carrying bag with interior protection
Weight: 3.00 Kg to 7.5 Kg

Questions about the product

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What is the banner display material?

The banner display is a material with a polypropylene base of 210 microns, ideal for printing roller banners. As an option, a matte or glossy protection film can be added. This is the recommended material for roller displays, allowing for superior image quality, with ideal rigidity and resistance for use in this type of structure.

What’s the difference between printing options?

Printing with laminations adds a matte or glossy protection film to banner display. This film protects the image, preventing scratches and dirt directly on the printing layer. It also allows the image to be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth if necessary. However, having two layers of different materials may result in a greater tendency for the print to curl at the edges. For most uses, adding the lamination option is not necessary.

Why are some sizes only available with PVC canvas?

The banner display is only available in sizes up to 150cm in width. Therefore, for roller banner models with widths above 150cm we are required to use a different printing material. PVC canvas is the most suitable material for roller banners of larger widths.

What is the difference between the various models of roller banners?

The Lite Roller Banner is a model manufactured with thinner materials, which gives it less robustness and resistance and making it a more fragile model. It is recommended for occasional use or when there is no need to set up the carry and assemble the banner multiple times. For normal use, the Basic Roller Banner or the Standard Roller Banner are recommended, which are economical banner with good construction quality and reinforced carrying bags. If you want a roller banner with superior quality and better presentation, the Barracuda, Orient, or Delta models are recommended. These use more robust materials and have various additional design features, such as a base without visible feet and being levelable, or the poles being adjustable in height.

What is the ‘clic-clac’ rail?

The ‘clic-clac’ rail is the top piece of the roll-up that holds the image. The rail acts as a clamping spring, allowing for easy image replacement. In premium models, it’s common for the rail to also feature an adhesive strip.

How does the creativity option work?

By choosing the creativity option, we will design the roller banner according to your specifications. Subsequent changes and corrections can be made to ensure that the design meets your needs. Only after your final approval will the materials be produced. The prices shown include one unique design.